Vihmavari Contrary

Vihmavari Contrary

Trendikas vihmavari tagurpidi avamis- ja sulgemismehhanismiga,  sisemine kate trükitud pilvise taevaga.

Suurus: Ø 109 cm

Logotamine: siiditrükk

Tootekood: 7719 Kategooria:


Trendy regular umbrella with reverse opening and closing mechanism and inner cover with printed cloudy sky. Easy to handle thanks to sliding safety runner, high-quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions, fibreglass frame opening from the inside out, flexible fibreglass ribs, double cover with lasered ventilation pattern to avoid the build-up of air, trendy reflective piping in silver without protective function, soft-touch crook handle with promotional labeling option.